Are You Ready for a Career Change?

Many people working in an industry or position for years consider a career change but often never make the steps towards actually doing it… Leaving a stable job with a good income can be a difficult decision, but if your job is no longer making you happy then it may be time to look elsewhere…

Are You Ready?

How do you decide whether you are really ready for a career change?

The first step is to ask yourself why you want this change. Do you dread going in to work on a Monday morning, the week ahead seems overwhelming and you just don’t want to get out of bed?

Does your job leave you feeling depressed and you’ve noticed that your productivity levels are dropping? Is this causing tension at home as the weeks drag on and leave you feeling completely miserable and despondent?

Many people face these problems daily; this is often the time you question what you are doing and whether you are following the right career path.

Ask yourself what you want to do? Have you always dreamt of doing something else, maybe you are working as a junior in the accounts department for a company and would rather be an accountant? Really take what you want into consideration before making this decision.

What to Take Into Consideration

The decision to change careers is not one to be taken lightly, you may be struggling with your job at the moment, feeling despondent and demotivated, but at the same time you may have a stable income and a really good salary (all careers have their low points!). Are you ready to give that up and take a risk?

Start by doing some research and find out which careers you are interested in. You will be able to research on what job opportunities are available and what qualifications you will require. You can match your current qualifications to any career choices you are interested in… Seeing what you are able to do INSTEAD is a better exercise that simply walking away from what you ARE doing.

Qualifications are important; you stand a higher chance of being accepted for a position if you meet the qualification criteria. A career change doesn’t have to be completely different from what you are doing now; this is why you need to do the research. If you are a teacher, you may choose to open your own day nursery or as a secretary, you may decide that your organisational skills will be an asset in the customer services industry.

The important thing to consider is whether a career change is viable in today’s market. If you are already earning a good salary and your job is secure, making a change may throw all of that up in the air. Starting a completely new career will probably mean that you will need to expect a pay decrease and remember with most new positions, you will be on a trial period for some time – for many, this will feel like a step back.

Finances, of course, need to be discussed at length. If your husband or wife has a good job, they earn a good salary and have been with their company for years, you may both decide that one of your can take a risk.

Always take the time to review the current job market. Your location and industries in your local area may be impacted by the current climate… Some areas across Britain are harder hit than others; these companies are relieving staff of their duties and cutting back on all expenses in order to save money. If this is the case where you live, this may not be the ideal time to make that change.

Weigh Up the Pros and Cons

Once you have done the research and spoken with those close to you, you can start applying for jobs. Be sure to choose a career that meets your specific qualifications and skill set. But most importantly, find something that you are happy doing.

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