5 Common Mistakes

Typically, recruiters will spend less than 30 seconds reading a single CV, progressing only 10% of them to interview stage – ensure you make the cut by avoiding the common pitfalls

1. Spelling & Grammar 

Spelling and grammar is an easy first screen (if a candidate has not been diligent enough to check the accuracy of his or her job application, what does it say about them?). So check, check and recheck. Why not have a friend of family member read your CV through – a fresh pair of eyes can make all the difference.

2. Graphics overload

Computer programs make it easy to design an artistic looking CV. However, unless you are applying for a creative position, artistic looking CVs are unnecessary. As a matter of fact, you risk coming across as unprofessional. We advise our readers to use clean looking fonts such as Times New Roman or Arial. It is also advisable to use a chronological format as it gives a good snapshot view of your experience and education (look organized!).

3. Avoid Technical Jargon

You should never assume that the person who will read your CV will be familiar with the technical jargon used in your area of expertise. You should rather make your cover letter and CV as simple as possible.

4. Length

We advise our readers to make their CVs as brief as possible. With perhaps hundreds of applications per  job, recruiters lack the time to read each CV in full. Prioritize information and present it in an accurate and concise manner. Avoid unnecessary and extraneous information irrelevant to the job opening.

5. Misrepresentation of facts

No matter how desperate you are to get a job, you should never misrepresent facts about your past experience or about your credentials. Even if you get a job interview and maybe the job, you will eventually be discovered.


Good luck!

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